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CONTENT WARNING: Profanity, drugs and alcohol. In future updates: Violence, murder.

A Comedy/Horror Visual Novel about friendship, love, and monster fish.

 Mandy is a young woman who is going camping with her new boyfriend and a few friends. With a beautiful lake nearby and the woods all to themselves, what could go wrong?

UPDATE! The Demo is out! It includes some free roam and 3.5 scenes, which is roughly 50% of the whole game.


  • Fully voiced Visual Novel
  • 3D, lowpoly look
  • Impactful choices
  • Original soundtrack
  • Fish


During Dialogue:

  • Mouse Click/Enter: Next Dialogue Line, Choose option
  • Space: Next Dialogue Line
  • ESC: Pause Menu

During Free Roam:

  • Mouse: Look Around
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom
  • WASD: Move Mandy
  • Shift: Run
  • Space: Interact
  • ESC: Pause Menu

Known Bugs (on my to-do list for the next update): 

  • When a scene ends or the game is loaded, it seems like there's a chance that Mandy could fall through the earth itself and fly into eternity. If that happens, you can save your game and reload it. That should make her respawn with her own 2 feet on the ground.


Writing, Sound Design, Music & Development by Leon Artmann


Mandy - Vera Tan

Alex - David Oliveira Franklin

George - Jett Barker

Lucy - Meredith Nudo

Bobby - Walter Mack

This Visual Novel was originally made for the Spooktober 2022 GameJam.


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0.4.1 (demo) - Windows 32-bit 99 MB
0.4.1 (demo) - Windows 64-bit 103 MB

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I enjoyed the story part! 

hi! thank you for playing, it's always nice to see/hear reactions and get feedback. I agree, the voice acting is *chef's kiss*

It seems like you've downloaded the previous version (which is not available anymore, or it shouldn't be). The newest has "Demo" in the name and it's a bit longer.

The actual full game will take a while.

wow ..new version

hi! thank you for playing again. I see that you've encountered a game breaking bug when starting a new game for the second time. I'll work on it for the next update :)

like it --hope look full story

love this short game thank you